ADHESIVE VINYL (VS) Light duty, economical, self-stick custom signs and labels.
Adhesive Vinyl is a moisture-resistant custom sign and label material that adheres to almost any flat surface. Adhesive Vinyl is an excellent economical choice for self-stick applications.

PLASTIC (VP) Standard duty, impact resistant and environmentally friendly
Plastic is the most economical choice for a rigid sign. It is semi-flexible and ideal for indoor installation and protected, short-term outdoor applications.


DURA-PLASTIC™ (XT)   7-year guarantee, 3/16” mounting holes
Poly-carbonate offers high impact resistance and durability for outdoor applications and harsh environments, including abrasions, humidity, and chemicals. All Dura-Plastic signs feature Duck Armor™, a liquid-based UV-protective coating, included at no charge.


ACCU-SHIELD™ (XP) Heavy duty, 15-year durability guarantee
Accu-Shield™ is the highest performance sign with a two-ply, non-glare polycarbonate plastic that is specially formulated to resist color change, chemicals, corrosion, vandalism, and abrasions. It will continue to look good for years while maintaining its superior strength. The two-ply, heavy-duty construction provides a rugged yet stylish appearance.

ADHESIVE DURA-VINYL™ (XV) 5-year guarantee, adhesive back with peel-off liner
Adhesive Dura-Vinyl™ is a custom sign material with dual-layered vinyl that  is resistant to abrasions, humidity, chemicals, solvents, and fading from sunlight. The printed image is protected by a high-gloss 1-mil UV resistant polyester over-laminate. 

ALUMINUM (VA)  Heavy duty, will not rust
Aluminum withstands wash downs, harsh elements, abusive conditions, and features good chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance.  Aluminum is excellent for indoor and outdoor usage.  It prevents fading, and resists chemicals, abuse, and graffiti, making it ideal for a wide variety of industrial-strength applications. All Aluminum signs feature Duck Armor™, a liquid-based UV-protective coating, included at no charge.